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About us


Smile for Life Programme

Attaining a beautiful new smile is the beginning of a lifelong investment in you. We aim to ascertain that with our help, your new and healthy smile will continue to provide you with a source of bliss, self confidence and well being which you deserve, for life.

Excellence in Dental Care

Here at Dental Home Dental Clinic our skilled dentists carry out cost-effective dental procedures to very high standards using only the latest materials and equipment. Our surgeries are state of the art and maintained to the highest of standards. We are an ISO 9001-2008 certified super speciality dental hospital and a centre for the Tobacco Intervention Initiative (TII). We continually reinvest in our staff with training to enable us to provide the very latest in cosmetic dental procedures to the highest of standards which are both aesthetic and functional for the long term.

Experienced Staff

We employ a range of staff from doctors, to nurses and hygiene therapists. All our staff are continually training further to enable us to keep up to date with the latest advances in the dental world. We maintain high ethical standards and have the same goals of providing high standard dentistry in a comfortable pain free surrounding.

Ethical Dental Care

Our dentists and staff believe that it is important to make your teeth look great; the health of your teeth however is the most important aspect. We will spend the extra time to be transparent with all our treatment and what to expect from them.

Special Dental Concern

We believe that everyone needs to be able to have dental care. However, some people need special facilities or help if they are to have this care especially in areas like cleft lip and palate management and treatments. People with physical disabilities may have problems getting into the surgery or into the dental chair. People with learning disabilities may become over anxious at the thought of going to the dentist or may need extra reassurance. People suffering from severe medical problems may need extra precautions or care. At our clinic we are able to take into account all these things when providing dental care.

Guaranteed Treatment

All of the treatment that we carry out is provided to the highest of standards, using the best quality materials. At our Dental Clinic, we carry out all possible sterilization and disinfection procedures needed for infection control in accordance with OSHA regulations. Our dedication to excellent patient care doesn’t end here. We employ IMAGE (Indian Medical Association Goes Ecofriendly) biomedical waste disposal plant to dispose of related infectious and non-infectious waste.

Caring and Comfortable Surroundings

Our clinic situated at the heart of the city is a state of the art sunlit dental practice, fully equipped and well-designed. We have treated a number of anxious and nervous clients, who have had bad experiences in the past. We pride ourselves by giving our clients the most pleasant dental experience which will enable them to overcome any fears and maintain their teeth for the rest of their lives.

5 Star Experience

From the start to your end of your dental treatment, we ensure that you are treated to the very highest of care. We book enough time so that we cover all of your questions and needs. We also have a 7 day a week service so that our clients never have to worry about their dental needs.

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Dr Rupesh S MDS
MHSc. F.A.G.E.

Director and Chief Dental Surgeon

Professor, Pushpagiri College of Dental Sciences
Consultant Pediatric Dentist, Pushpagiri Medical College and Hospital
Directs, motivates the Dental Home team. Diligently strives for quality control at Dental Home

He specializes in treating children. He personally supervises the developing dentition, advises the mother on how to look after the infant's dental health, undertakes preventive measures to prevent dental disease in children and treats all dental problems in children. The good care that a pediatric dental surgeon extends can give the child a lifetime of strong healthy teeth. Furthermore, he carries out all the root canal treatments, and other major diagnosis.


Dr Rakesh S MDS
(Oral Pathologist and Microbiologist)

Currently working as vice principal at Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences Ernakulam. Concerns himself with the diseases of oral and paraoral structures, including oral soft tissues and mucous membranes and the teeth, jaws, and salivary glands. An expert in Research, identification and diagnosis of diseases of mouth, teeth and surrounding regions


Dr Nebu George MDS
(Periodontist and Implantologist)

A Periodontist at Pushpagiri College of Dental Sciences, he is our consultant ‘Gum Specialist’ and Implantologist, who performs gum surgeries and any other treatments related to gum problems and does gum surgeries for cosmetic correction. As an implantologist his speciality extends in putting implants within jaw bones to replace missing tooth/teeth without compromising existing dental structure.


Dr Vineesh U MDS
(Oral and MaxilloFacial Surgeon)

Working as dental surgeon at Pushpagiri College of Dental Sciences, he is our ‘on call’ surgeon who executes all our surgeries like removal of wisdom tooth, exposure /removal of unerupted tooth that maybe located totally or partially within the jaws and problems of jaw-joint .Additionally he performs surgeries of the jaws and face either to treat the diseases affecting them or with the intention of enhancing attractiveness.


Dr Joseph MDS

Dr.Joseph is a Dental Specialist who specializes in diagnosing, intercepting and correcting dental and facial irregularities by using braces of different types. He also supervises the growing jaw bones and developing dentition and tries to prevent or intercept abnormalities of the bite. In short he is the magician who can improve your smile.


Dr Anoop D MDS
(Prosthodontist and Implantologist)

Dr Anoop D is a dentist who specializes in making dentures or prostheses. He replaces teeth that are lost due to dental decay, gum diseases or old age. The Prosthodontist has a number of different artificial dentures in his armamentarium. By replacing lost teeth he reestablishes the ability to bite and chew and also maintain normal facial appearance. He is one of the renowned Implantologist who specializes in putting implants within your jaw bones to replace missing tooth/teeth without compromising any other tooth. Implants can be used to retain full dentures also.