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  • Masil George

    Dr. Rupesh and his fantastic team at dental home made my dental treatment experience a wonderful and enjoyable one. I was apprehensive about the pain and discomfort related to the procedures. The ambience and warmth of front desk staff immediately put me at ease. The treatment was explained in detail and carefully handled by experts in Dr. Rupesh's team. I enthusiastically recommend dental home Alappuzha to anyone looking for quality dental care in a professional and comfortable setting.

  • Nisam Babu

    Well experienced Doctor and staffs. Superb service.

  • Kris Rajagopal

    I am fully confident to inform you about this clinic as I had a hands on experience for my daughter's dental problems which was solved effectively with the help of Dr. Rupesh and his wonderful team.
    I had one of the best welcome and care with Dr. Rupesh and amid my busy schedule, he well managed to complete the treatment for my daughter for the brazes so as we can continue our reviews in ME where we live.
    On the other hand I had seen, most of the patients are middle class people, who value for their money and its of course, can be named as a common man's clinic. In short the team lead by Dr. Rupesh is smart enough to bring back your healthy, beautiful smile back....!
    I strongly recommend Dental Home for all of your Dental Problems...

  • John Philip
    Thiruvalla , India

    An excellent dental experience!! Strategically located, easily accessible, convenient parking, warm welcoming reception, cordial and friendly doctors who make you feel at ease,state of the art equipment for dental care by experienced dental specialists, overall a warm and pleasant experience!!!

  • Manoj Ramanujam

    Dr Rupesh ... a chip off the old block. A dentist visit made as pleasant as possible :-) Thanks and highly recommended to one and all :-)

  • Anil kumar N M

    Face is your total value. Your smile contribute 90% in it. With a good teeth you can make this 80%. And this is the place for any solution on Dental.

  • Krishna Prasad P R
    Alappuzha ,India

    Excellent services

  • Poornima T Rao

    A happy home for our dental care.

  • Anil Philip
    Thiruvalla, India

    Home we can trust to go for our dental needs!!

  • Kavitha Rajeev

    Good care.

  • Sunil Pai

    great place! great team! excellent state of the art dental care!!

  • Amanda

    Always take care of my husband's teeth when he is in India. He refuses to go to a dentist in the US. Always honest, knowledgable, and friendly.

  • Gopinath Pai
    Kochi, India

    it is people friendly and a gift to the people who come under this shelter in the East venice situated in the God,s own country1

  • Jaismon joseph
    Alappuzha ,India

    everything good.keep going

  • Amina Nazreen
    Alappuzha ,India

    very satisfactory with the services

  • Arya sajan
    Alappuzha ,India

    its perfect the way it is knowledgable,friendly and honest staff

  • Nandakumar
    Alappuzha ,India

    very good service

  • Soumya
    Alappuzha ,India

    am very happy with the service and doctors

  • Saedis Rut Jonsdottir

    the treatment was comfortable,painless I am very happy with the care recieved from dental home. Probably the best clinic in Alleppey

  • Mathew Boland

    The service is very efficient and helpful. The facilities are well equiped. The doctors were very frank and informative and outlined prevention techniques and best practice. The clinic is clean and well sterilised I am very happy with the service.

  • Taimak Cochrane

    My time at the Dental home was great, I'm scared of Dentist and they calmed my nerves , also giving me further information about my pain from wisdom tooth hurting my gum and jaw.
    Great time Thank you

  • Gabriel Moraitis

    Dr Rupesh and staff looked after me beyond expectation. I will highly recommend this clinic to everybody. 10/10

  • Malgorzata Kowal

    I was very happy that here staffs are very friendly, their service was very professional. So I can recommend this clinic to anyone who is looking for good service.

  • Akshaya
    Alappuzha, India

    Approach to our kid was very friendly and good.

  • Christina Lilliu

    Nice service, I didnt have to wait more than 10 minutesfor the treatment. The treatment wasnt painful. Gentle staff

  • Ugo De Rosa

    The treatment was very good. The staff was friendly and gentle. Nice services. Good clinic

  • Darko

    Fast and professional service. I was happy to make this choice today and visit your clinic

  • Mrs. Jaya Venugopal
    Paris France

    my heartfelt thanks to Dr Rupesh and his efficient team of doctors. I had a desire of having a jewel on my tooth since almost 10 years now. That dream was fulfilled yesterday. It was a simpe procedure ,with no discomfort and was painless.It was so quick that I didnt realize when it started and when it ended.It makes me smile more often now. Its something I would recommend for those who want to add a little twinkle to their smile.

  • Vera Delaney

    I came with a troublesome filling. Dr Sheria promptly diagnosed my problem and fixed my filling. All staff here are extremely pleasant,professional and helpful. Thank you all...

  • Graeme Williams

    I wish you to know how extremely pleased I am that my visit to Alleppey brought me to your excellent establishment and to experience with such expediency, the highest degree of professionalism.
    Your abilities to discuss, question and explain the treatments given to me were reassuring and I felt at all times, at complete ease. Your staff, students, technicians and fellow Doctors who were in attendance made me realise that I was receiving the best possible treatment. I also realise that my treatment was given such priority due to the short time factor of my stay and upcoming departure from Alleppey. I wondered how much disruption to your other patients and devoted staff resulted. I would ask that you pass on my genuine thanks to all with my apologies.
    I am so very happy and pleased with my new dentures. They are extremely comfortable and people here in Darwin readily notice the change in my facial appearance. Thank you so much and please pass my best wishes to all who played a part in my treatment.